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Pitch International was exclusively appointed by Premiership Rugby to secure a new Premiership Rugby Title Sponsor to replace previous sponsor, Aviva. The main objectives for Premiership Rugby were to improve upon Aviva’s investment, attract an international brand to further accelerate international expansion with shared values around business and committed to actively engaging in community programmes.

Premiership Rugby Gallaghers case study


Brands were targeted that had operations in Premiership Rugby key growth markets and wanted to connect with the affluent consumers and business owners that comprised the UK club rugby audience. Competitors of brands already invested in the sport were considered along with a full exploration of traditional rugby sponsorship sectors. The sales effort was supported by our comprehensive sales database, which holds records of every sales conversation over the past 5 years, ensuring that our approach was informed and detail-driven.



Three offers received and a four-year deal concluded with one of the world’s largest insurance brokers, Gallagher, ensuring a revenue uplift on Aviva’s one-year title extension deal. Gallagher has a strong presence globally particularly within major rugby playing nations but the partnership has particularly allowed Premiership Rugby to make a significant impact in North America, a target growth area. Gallagher had recently gone through a brand refresh so it was a good time for them to amplify their brand and differentiate themselves in the global insurance market. A partnership with Premiership Rugby has allowed them to do that through its broad appeal and deep community connections.


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